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My Court Caddy is the tennis and pickleball player’s home base for balls, towels, water bottles, or anything else. Easily attaches to any chain link fence! Get yours today with free shipping.

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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

We’ve taken time to analyze the modern player’s tennis and pickleball needs – from water to equipment storage, and even social distancing. My Court Caddy seeks to provide a 1 step easy solution.

Never struggle to find your tennis or pickleball gear again

Simple setup and innovative design push My Court Caddy tennis and pickleball holder above the competition. How does it work? Very simple. You just hook it onto the chain link fence with the 2 clips in the back and let gravity do its job. There are 2 side hooks for all your personal items. It’s that simple!


Find out why everyone is loving My Court Caddy

Christian V

10+ years playing

My Court Caddy has been awesome! I love that its easy to setup on my apartment courts which don't offer benches or anything like that. Much easier than anything I had tried previously.


This tennis ball holder has everything I wanted in one place - towel rack, bottle holder, and a place to keep the other two tennis balls when not in play. Makes choosing what to wear to the court much easier!

Estephany P

New Tennis Player

Hi Jason here...

I invented My Court Caddy because I had enough of that dreadful 3rd ball. Either someone doesn’t pick it up during play, sprains their ankle, loses it, or the ball finds the only puddle on the court. We all know the 3rd ball needs a home. Now it has My Court Caddy. I also see more and more people bringing towels, water bottles, bags, and purses on their side of play. I created MCC to be the onestop solution to all these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just hook it onto the chain link fence with the 2 clips in the back and let gravity do its job. There are 2 side hooks and one bottom hook for all of your personal items. It’s that simple!

As tennis players, we all know the dreaded third ball dilemma. My Court Caddy takes the solution one step further, providing you a super accessible tennis ball holder with a towel and drink holder too! Setup is as easy as placing it on the fence.

Setup of your new tennis ball holder is really easy! Simply slide the hooks on the back through the holes on the fence. Our super secure, patented hook system works with gravity to support all your gear.

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