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Atlanta Radio Personality Jason Bailey Invents New Product


July 9th, 2021 (Atlanta, Ga) – Atlanta Radio Personality, Truist Atlanta Open Tennis Tournament MC, and avid tennis player, Jason Bailey can now add “Inventor” to his resume. The 46 year old radio personality has created a revolutionary new tennis product called “My Court Caddy”.

The concept was born when Jason Bailey, inventor of My Court Caddy, finally had enough with that dreadful 3rd ball while on the tennis courts. Either someone doesn’t pick it up during play, sprains their ankle, loses it or the ball finds the only puddle on the court.

My Court Caddy is a tennis player’s homebase for balls, towels, water bottles and anything else you decide to hang on any of the 3 hooks available. How does it work? Very simple. You just hook it onto the chain link fence with the 2 clips in the back and let gravity do its job. There are 2 side hooks and one bottom hook for all of your personal items. Jason Bailey’s new invention is now available for pre-orders on the website. You can learn more about My Court Caddy at

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